CE Biosafety Class I Biological Safety Cabinet

1. Class I Biosafety Cabinet does not protect the product from contamination because un-purified room air constantly enters into work area.

2. As a partical containment unit, the Class I Biosafety Cabinet is suitable for work involving low to moderate risk agents (Biosafety Levels 1, 2 and 3) where there is a need for containment, but not for product protection.

3. Unlike conventional fume hood, the HEPA filter in the Class I Biosafety Cabinet protects the environment by filtering air before it is exhausted.

4. With the negative pressure, personnel protection is made possible by constant movement of air into the work area.



1. UV lamp for sterilization.
2. Soft touch control panel, LCD display.
3. Energy-saving, high efficiency, low noise.
4. With memory function in case of power-failure.
5. One piece 304 stainless steel work stable, easy for cleaning.
6. Stable air flow system; provide firm protection to person and environment.

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