High Vacuum Degree Vacuum Drying Oven


* PID microprocessor temperature control with LED display.

* Polished stainless steelinnerchamber.

* Vacuum degree is automatically controlled (for BOV-90V/BOV-215V/ BOV-90VL/ BOV-215VL)

* Silicon rubber seal ring ensures the high vacuum degree in the chamber.

* Tempered double-layer glass door ensures the operation safety.

* The vacuum is controlled by microprocessor controller with digital display.(for BOV-90VL/BOV-215VL)

* The working program can be cycled for 99 times.(for BOV-90VL/BOV-215VL)

* The vacuum pump is standard accessory(for BOV-90V/BOV-215V/ BOV-90VL/BOV-215VL)


* Inert gas can be filled in the chamber. (Inert gas pressure is not higher than 0.1Mpa when filling in).

(for BOV-90VL/BOV-215VL)

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