Table Top Portable Type 200-1020nm UV/Vis Spectrophotometer



Imported & Environmental Deuteriumlamp, preventing from Ozone inhalation

High-class grating with wholly hermetic light path design, ensures the super low stray light

Real-time monitoring the lifetime of Deuterium lamp and Tungsten lamp

Socket-TypeDeuterium lamp and Tungsten lamp

Wavelengthcalibration, wavelength setting, change light source and dark current calibration automatically

Si02 coating opticalmirror, reduce theinfluence from outside

Agriculture, Geology, Metallurgy and Environment etc. fields

Basic Fuctions:

1. Photometry

Test Abs., Transmittance by fixed wavelength

2. Quantitative

a. C Mode: EstablishC=K*A curve, test sample concentration

b. F Mode: EstablishA=K1*C+K0, test sample concentration

c. Display and save curve, test data (V-1200).

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