Pid Controller LCD Display Double/Three-Layer Constant Temperature Shaker

Suitable for the concentration of constant temperature and the cluster oscillation in the special constant temperature room.
It is for the large quantities of production operations, bio pharmaceutical research, application fields in the test and the large batch of bacteria screening provides the highest level of oscillation efficiency, economical and practical.
BIPX -3112/3222/3332 are Double large-capacity, Vibration Range is 50mm.
BIPX -3432 is 3-story large-capacity, Vibration Range is 50mm.

1. Program of repetition, steps and eight curves settings, each program can be set at different speed and time to achieve the programming operation.
2. The most advanced precision machining technology, to ensure the stability and reliability of the mechanical operation.
3. The key parts of machine adopt chromium alloy material, high quality, and expensive imported bearing cast iron.
4. Unique slow start line to prevent the sudden start with the splash, the effective guarantee of the safety of the reagent.
5. Unique motor overheating, temperature control, automatic power off protection device.
6. The most advanced large torque motor, maintenance free, guarantee continuous work.

Security assurance:
1.      Leakage current & over current protection system, ensure the safety of operators.
2.      Over-temperature & over-speed acousto-optic alarm emergency control system, ensure the security of the samples.


BIOBASE advantage:

(1) More than 14 years history of manufacturing
(2) Advanced testing tools and laboratory
(3) Advanced production facility
(4) Efficient manage team and engineer team
(5) Perfect quality control team

BIOBASE Group is your best choice for Partner.

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