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Routine calibration and maintenance of gas monitors are essential. CI Scientific will ensure all the sensors are calibrated to the correct manufactures specifications and that all the alarm levels are correct and will activate when a toxic gas is present.

CI Scientific will ensure that your fixed and portable gas monitors are in perfect working order and always reading accurately, consistently and efficiently to make this world a much safer place.

CI Scientific can help customers with all the maintenance repairs and services on their fixed or portable gas monitors.

  • CO2 & O2 depletion detectors
  • Enclosed area / Portable gas / PID / Plant Gas monitors
  • Fixed gas / Car park gas detectors
  • Central control systems
  • Gas alert clips
  • Alcohol breath-testing equipment


Safety is the first step in everyone’s life. Going to work, school, or to your local shopping centre, coming home safely is the number one thing we all want.

Having a fixed or portable gas monitor reading the toxic gas levels and alarming when there is a toxic hazardous substance in the area is important. Everyone is alerted and advised to evacuate safely when an alarm is raised. Accuracy, consistency, and efficiency are the key aspects of a safe gas monitor.


An alarm will be triggered when a gas level passes a limit to activate a warning alarm, also known as a “Low alarm” to notify any personnel in the area to be alerted that there is gas present and to start evacuating. Once the gas level reaches above the warning alarm it triggers the “High alarm”, meaning that the gas has reached a high concentration and is dangerous to the health of anyone if exposed to the excessive levels of toxic gases.

Toxic gases are an extreme hazard as you cannot see it, feel it, or smell it before it’s too late. Some examples of where gas monitoring is recommended due to the poor quality of air are any confined space area such as coal mining, car parks, liquid nitrogen rooms, or general maintenance cleaning areas.

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